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Red Cheongsam
Thai Silk
Chiffon Beaded
Sequence Cheongsam
Pink Satin
Black Lace
Wedding Dress
Italian Silk
Pure silk
Short Jacket
Lace Velvet Red Lace

In this section you can preview some of Bonnie’s work.
These are some of the dresses Bonnie can make for you.

Click the link to get a better look at the dress.

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Red Cheongsam
A red Cheongsam gown in French lace with a sequence.


Princess gown with layers.


Thai Silk
Thai silk evening gown.


Chiffon Beaded
Chiffon with sequence with satin under the chiffon.


Sequence Cheongsam
Sequence Cheongsam with slip on both sides.


Pink Satin with Brocade
Pink Satin with brocade with hand made bottons.
Black Lace with white satin lining.
Black Lace with white satin lining.


Traditional Chinese wedding dress.
Traditional red Chinese wedding dress.


Italian Silk.
Stunning Chinese dress in Italian Silk.


Pure silk brocade with key hole.
Pure silk brocade with short sleeves and keyhole.


Pure silk brocade with double piping.
Pure silk brocade with double piping and short reversible jacket.


Pink sleeveless Lace with velvet.
Long evening dress in pink sleeveless lace with velvet.


Red Lace


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